Cairo day and evening tours

Cairo day and evening tours suggested programs, you can choose from.. Or you can contact me to a la cart.

1- Day tours:

Pyramids day

A full day tour visit to Memphis, the first pharaonic capital of Egypt, Sakkara, the first necropolis, where we can find the first step pyramid of Sakkara and then visit of Giza pyramids (Kyops, Kefren, Mikerinos) and sphinx.

  • Memphis Gnome-Dialog-Question-64
  • Sakkara Gnome-Dialog-Question-64
  • Giza pyramids and sphinx Gnome-Dialog-Question-64

Museum & citadel

Visit of the Egyptian museum at El tahrir square and a visit of the citadel of Saladin.

  • Egyptian museum Gnome-Dialog-Question-64
  • Citadel of Saladin Gnome-Dialog-Question-64
  • Khan Al Khalili Bazaar Gnome-Dialog-Question-64

Coptic & Islamic Cairo

Visits of the most important ancient Coptic & Islamic monuments in Cairo.

  • Coptic area (old Cairo) Gnome-Dialog-Question-64
  • Ibn Tulun mosque Gnome-Dialog-Question-64
  • Gayer Anderson’s museum Gnome-Dialog-Question-64
  • El Azhar Park Gnome-Dialog-Question-64

Alexandria excursion

An excursion to Alexandria, 225 KM north of Cairo

  • Qaitbay citadel Gnome-Dialog-Question-64
  • Kom el Shoqafa catacombs Gnome-Dialog-Question-64 (Gerco Roman)
  • Alexandria library Gnome-Dialog-Question-64 (Alexandrina Bibliotheca)
  • The gardens of ling Farouk (el Montazah gardens Gnome-Dialog-Question-64) – Al Montazah Park

Valley of the Whales

A trip to to Wadi Elrayan in the Fayoum, and then driving 40KM in the desert to arrive to the valley of the whales, 40 million years old (UNESCO world heritage)

  • Al- Medawara Mountain (Gabal al Medawara)
  • Valley of the whales (Wadi al hitan)
  • Waterfalls

Mosques of Cairo

Visits of the most important mosques in Cairo.

  • Visit of the school and mosque of Sultan Hassan (14th century)
  • Visit of elRifaie mosque (tombs of the kings and queens of the x royal family, king Farouk and the tomb of the Shah of Iran)
  • Visits of mosques at el Moez Street (10 century)

Cairo Nilometer and modern museums

Visit of Al-Rawda island (Roda) Island
Details of the visit

  • Nilometer of Cairo AND Oum Kalthoum museum
  • Felucca sail on the Nile
  • Visit of Mohamed Mahmoud Khalil museum
    • Details of the visit:
      Master pieces of famouse european artists who contributed to the fine art’s movements in the 19th century
      Paul Gauguin Auguste Renoir Vincent Van Goagh

Pharaonic village

An Artificial village to imitate life in Egypt at that time.

  • Crossing the village
  • Visit of an imitation of the tomb of king Tut Ankh Amun

2- Evening tours:

Tour 1

  • Visit of the Unknown Soldier’s tomb and the tomb of President Sadat.
  • A walk at El Moez Street and a free time at Khan El Khalili bazzar.
  • El Mokattam hill (evening panoramic view)

Tour 2

  • Visit of the Monastery of Saint Simon known as the cave church
  • A walk at the Azhar Park