Aswan Tours

Suggested Aswan Tours (Day tours & Evening tours), you can choose from.. Or you can contact me to customize “a la cart”.

Aswan tours

 Aswan tours

1- Day tours:

Abu simbel excursion

About 290KM south west of Aswan

  • Visit of the great temple of king RamessesII
  • Visit of the small temple of Queen Nefertari

Aswan  tours (city tour)

A visit of Aswan city with a carriage or a van, day time or evening time

  • Aswan cathedral
  • The souk

Aswan felucca

A felucca sail on the Nile around the elephantine island, stop and visit to the Kitchener’s island (botanical garden)

Aswan monuments

A visit to the most important monuments in Aswan

  • Philae temple
    • We take a motor boat to visit Philae temple on an island
  • Aswan high dam
    • Going to the high dam of Aswan, passing by the old dam
  • Unfinished obelisk
    • A visit of the unfinished obelisk where we find the quarries of granite

Komombo & Edfu temples

Komombo & Edfu excursion

  • Visit of Edfu & Komombo temples
  • Visit of Komombo temple (50KM north of Aswan)
  • Visit of Edfu temple (105KM north of Aswan)

Luxor excursion

An excursion to visit important monuments in Luxor

  • Valley of the Kings
  • Funerary temple of Queen Hatshepsut (Deir el- Bahari)
  • Colossi of Memnon
  • Karnack temple

Nubian village

A visit of the Nile (protected area) and a Nubian village

  • A visit of the Nile on a motor boat
  • A visit of a Nubian school
  • A visit of a Nubian house

 Aswan tours

2- Evening activity: