Luxor, city of thousand doors

Luxor, city of thousand doors

Luxor, city of thousand doorsLuxor, city of thousand doors, the city that contains 30% of the monuments of the whole world.
Luxor, (known as Thebes) was the capital of ancient Egypt during the time of the new empire which is considered as the most powerful period in Pharaonic Egypt.

The local god of Luxor was called Amun, and when the city became the capital, he was unified with the sun god Ra to become Amun- Ra.

On the East bank of the Nile, there are two complexes of temples dedicated to the divinity of the god Amun- Ra, the complex of Karnak and the one of Luxoreast bank of Nile

Important pharaohs like Ramses II, Siti I, Thutmose III, is involved in the construction of Karnak Temple are considered the largest complex of temples in Egypt.
The pharaohs Amenhotep III, Queen Hatshepsut and Ramses II participate in the construction of the complex that carries the name of the city.

west bank of NileOn the West bank of the Nile, we find the Necropolis, Valley of the Kings, Valley of the Queens, Valley of the nobles, Valley of artisans and funerary temples like the Ramesseum, Deir el-Bahari and Medinet Habu

Luxor can be visited in a daysix days, of course it depends on the sites you want to visit also on your rhythm.


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