Instant translator with DW academy in Alexandria

Instant translator with DW academy in Alexandria


Instant translator with DW academy in Alexandria was my second experience with DW academy, last time, I interpreted the workshop that was in Aswan and I explained it already in my previous post (Oral interpreter in Egypt with DW Akademie)
Workshop by DW Akademie to develop the skills of Egyptian female media students and graduates.
This time the workshop was more alive and creative, because of Tine Mikliss, the responsible for the project in Egypt, in additional to what participants learned and practiced in Aswan, she invited Egyptian youth from Alexandria who had creative ideas and could struggle to make their project succeed and their ideas become facts.
Hossam-AbdelkaderHossam Abdelkader, the founder of the first on-line magazine in Alexandria (Amwague) in 1999
studied in Alexandria University, Worked at Bibliotheca Alexandrina and he is), he was a journalist, and then went to a conference in Germany in 1996, and he found the German journalists using their computers, he knew about computer and he realized that he must learn about internet and that a change must happen in Egypt, so he established the first on-line magazine, and then, he began to establish a local newspaper, although, he had financing problems, but it did not stop him, volunteers helped; now they have established a cultural club, and he is training students from Alexandria University.

Ahmed-EssmatAhmed Esmat, founder, director of “Alex agenda”, founder and CEO of “Alexandria media forum”, he studied at the faculty of commerce, English department, Alexandria Uni. Egypt




Omar-HatemOmar Hatem, founder of Café tram, CEO and founder of “Radio tram”, he is a teacher, studied at the faculty of arts, Alexandria University.




All of them, had new creative ideas, that seemed to be difficult to realize at the beginning, and all of them had a financing problems, what is good about it is that all of them profited out of volunteers (human resource).

The last day, DW akademie, invited local journalists from Alexandria, it was a good chance for the female participants to profit out of their experiences and also to practice all they have learned during the workshop (to present themselves in a good manner, to profit out of the elder journalists experience and to ask for a further contact (speed dating).
At the end, Tine matched every graduated girl with a monitor for 6 months to guide them.
DW akademie developing their project in Egypt, more workshops in different cities, and then, they will choose 2 participants from each city to join a higher level of a workshop.

DW akademie will have a big conference in Egypt in DECEMBER.

Instant translator with DW academy in Alexandria
Personally, I thank Tine Mikliss “the German manager of the project”, and I thank Rasha elibiari “the Egyptian responsible”, and of course, Osama Asfour “Project Coordinator”, the first who found me through my private tour guide website and had a contact with me to ask me to do the mission of the instant translator with him.

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