Practical advices in Egypt

Practical advices in Egypt:
Certain visitors could get visa (entrance tax) of Egypt at their arrival to the airport, they are required to pay it (25 dollars) , Otherwise they can ask for it at the Egyptian embassy of their countries.

You will find the visa counter open 24/7, it is situated just before you pass the immigration control, there.. you can stamp your passport

Cairo Airport is situated at 22 km north-east of the down town.

I don’t advice you to change too much money in Egyptian pounds because you might lose a lot if you need to change back to your own money. You find everywhere banks and change offices.
One has to pay the entrance tickets of sites and museums in Egyptian pounds.
Discount for children (less than 12 years old) & students (must have the international student card).
decent clothes for your visits to mosques and churches will be appreciated.
for your safety please don’t forget your hat, solar cream and sunglasses
Tap water is NOT safe to drink.

Countries Could get the entrance Visa at the airport:

Western Europe: Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Germany, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, U.S.A, Canada, South Korea, Hungary, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Cyprus, Slovakia.

Eastern Europe: Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia – (Yugoslavian federal) Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, Hong Kong, Macau, Armenia.

Travelers from other nationalities they have to get entrance visa to Egypt from the Egyptian embassy in their home countries

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