Egyptian culture

Egyptian culture

Egyptian culture

Egyptian culture was the subject of what we talked about Sarah Rezk and me this Saturday at the Cairo radio station that is the home of radio and television at Maspero.
Sara Rezk is a beautiful good Radio presenter of Cairo radio, she invited me to go to the studio, and it was my second time to go.
Her question was what can Egyptians “who are working in the sectors of tourism and media” do to propaganda to our Egyptian culture.

We find that cinema plays an important role to propaganda to the Egyptian culture already, the Egyptian cinema is known in the Arab world and Egyptian actors are beloved, we still need to do more effort to develop the technique of the Egyptian cinema, to keep the Egyptian identity in choosing the topics in order to take a place in the international field

We talked about the traditional Egyptian food, and we found that it is important to have more Egyptian restaurants abroad at affordable prices to represent the traditional Egyptian dishes, as it could play an important role to publish our Egyptian culture.

We agreed that the Egyptian cultural centers could play an important role and that they should make more effort to the propaganda to the Egyptian culture abroad.

We found also that the Egyptians who had the opportunity to go abroad either to work, to study or for tourism, have a responsibility to convey to the Egyptians what they have learned there, and also propaganda to the Egyptian culture there.

We ended up wishing a Happy Sham el Nessim (Easter) which is an Egyptian Pharaonic feast of the spring…
The Egyptians go to the gardens; they eat colored eggs, salty fish and union as they represent the beginning of life.

And at the end of our speech we wished a happy feast to all our listener.
And for you my beloved readers/clients/ friends Happy Sham El Nassim 🙂

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