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Cairo and Alexandria visits with a private guide in RamadanCairo and Alexandria visits with a private tour guide in Ramadan are still interesting and possible to be visited; you can still visit the touristic attractions such as Memphis, Sakkara, Giza pyramids, the Egyptian museum etc…, you just have to take care about the timing because all the touristic sites close one hour earlier, it means at 15 O’clock, instead of 16 O’clock.

I spent a very interesting week with Mohan and Diana’s family during Ramadan Month, Disna and Mohan, from Sri lanka, residence in Cairo since 17 years, wanted to organize a program for their relatives and let them know about Cairo’s points of interests.

The program was interesting and varies because it covered the most important touristic sites in Cairo and Alexandria as well.

The first day, we went to visit Memphis, the first Pharaonic capital of Egypt, Sakkara, the Giza pyramids and the sphinx with the solar museum. The next day, they took the airplane to go to visit Sharm El sheikh to enjoy spending time on one of the nicest red sea resorts, After they came back to Cairo, they wanted to see the sound and light show in Giza pyramids, it begins at 21 o’clock in Ramadan, and it lasts for one hour, the following day, was a rich day of visits, we went to visit the Coptic area or old Cairo, it was a Sunday, so we could attend the mass in the hanging church, saint serge church, we also visited Saint George church and the syna gouge  of Beni Ezra, and then we went to visit the citadel of Saladin with Mohamed Ali’s mosque (the alabaster mosque), Egyptian museum at El tahrir square where we find the treasures of king Tut Ankh Amun, we ended our day with the visit of the cave church (saint Simon).

Monday, was our visit to the pharanoiac village, it was still open in Ramadan’s day, less tourists, you can go any time from 9 o’clock to 16 O’clock, and they begin their program to make you travel through centuries to live in the Pharaonic time, we admired the copy of the tomb of Tut Ankh Amun (the original one is in the valley of the kings in Luxor, we visited also the Islamic museum, president Sadat‘s museum and the ladies museum.

After noon, we went to El Azhar, to visit Khan El Khalili bazzar, Mohan’s family made a tour in all its shops, all of them benefited.

Visits of Alexandria with a private tour guide

Tuesday, we went to Alexandria, the second important city in Egypt, where we visited the Catacombs of Kom El shokafa, Pompey’s pillar, the royal gardens of king Farouk on the sea shore, the roman theater and Quait bay fort from the outside.
The family wanted to visit a modern area, so that they went to Cairo festival where they bought some of Ramadan oriental sweets.

We ended our trip with a cruising diner on the Nil with Egyptian music I think that Mohan’s family could cover most of the important attraction in Cairo and Alexandria in Ramadan.

It was a very nice time that I spent with Disna and Mohan’s family, it was my first time with people from Sri lanka, I can tell that they are a very kind people.
So, i thank Disna, Mohan and their relatives for the nice time that we shared together.

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