Abir, your personal tour guide.

personal tour guide

I am graduated from the faculty of tourism and hotels section guiding, Alexandria university.

I obtained my license from the ministry of tourism in Egypt in 1988 and since that time, i have been working as a tour Guide all around Egypt, especially in Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor and Aswan, doing different kinds of trips such as The bus tour and the Nile cruise.

I noticed the need and the importance of the personal guide, especially if you come in a business or a family trip and you want to decide your own hours of beginning and ending your tour.

With the personal tour guide, you profit the maximum of your time and you don’t have to follow a big number of a group.
Your personal guide helps you to discover the history, culture and also the actuality of the country, you can ask as much questions as you want.

I created with my colleagues ( choosen for their historical back studies, professional experience and flexibility) a team work of personal tour guides all over Egypt (Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor and Aswan).

I was responsible  for the guiding and  the organisation  of the visits in the web site chrisabir, but not any more.

And to be more clear, direct and simple…

I include the tips in our price in order to avoid any surprises.


you can find me at Willgoto, World travel directory and travel guide